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How much does Gas Cost ?
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Mackenzie & Burrell Get this question about twenty times a week.

For good reason , money, in these times is very scarce and very important, say what you want , the country's been in a recession for almost a decade.

HERE is the answer,

A cheap price is VERY expensive.

Imagine you buy a fine Whiskey, and you pour it out of the glass bottle into a nice Hip Flask,
You don't know it but the flask has got a leak, your fine whiskey is going to run out

Imagine the cost to your dignity when your friends find you sucking you jacket . . . .

The same goes for a fridge, unfortunately you cannot just see the leak, finding the leak takes time and pressure testing.

Commercial refrigeration equipment sometimes gives a oil show, if you see a place with a oil spill , maybe you got the leak.

Unfortunately for domestic fridges you rarely get a oil show.

Unfortunately the new domestic fridges look fantastic but are very susceptible to leaks, the older fridges develop rust spots, mainly with the steel tubing

The new fridges seem very susceptible to electromotive corrosion of the modern aluminum tubing, mainly in the area where it is joined , either with a different metal or to a different metal (say copper or steel )


How much does gas Cost ?

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